March 2023

Our New Team 

Our team at International Home Investments is expanding, and we are delighted to welcome three new exceptional members to our office here in Gran Canaria. With our commitment to delivering excellent service and continued success for our clients, we believe that these new additions will help us achieve our goal of providing perfect customer satisfaction. We are excited about the journey ahead and look...

Our ethos on exclusivity

We believe that each property and project is unique and represents a significant part of our clients' lives. That is why we take the time to get to know our clients on a deeper level, understanding their motivations, lifestyle, desires, and story to provide them with the best possible service. At International Home Investments, we recognize that selling a home can be a challenging and emotional...

Why does Gran Canaria have the best climate in the world?

Subtropical IslandGran Canaria is in a subtropical region, sharing the same latitude with countries and cities such as Miami, Mexico, Pakistan, Iran, India, and the Sahara desert. So while it's normal to expect higher temperatures in this region, there isn't much variation between the seasons. This makes Gran Canaria a great destination for those who don't like winters, as they can enjoy a realistically...

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