Beaches you must visit this Christmas!

The holidays are just around the corner! We know what to do. Starting with love, we have family members and all our closest trusted friends. Coming together for what’s called the best time of the year. Let’s all run to the beach hitting the sand and celebrating this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Anfi del Mar

Anfi Del Mar is one of the most famous beaches here in the south. They offer anything you can imagine and the location makes your eyes fall in love. With spectacular views and fun attractions to try out such as Jetski, Water Rides, Scuba Diving and much more! You get “350” Days a year of Sunshine!

Playa de Amadores

In the place we all love, Gran Canaria. Everyone has their own perception of celebration.

We, at IHI have always loved the time we are spending together with our friends and family. To count on a bliss feeling here at Amadores when the sun is about to set, truly is a blessing in the sky.

Amadores is the biggest beach after Playa Del Inglés here in the south of Gran Canaria. You get the most family friendly beach to chill and relax, the beach is equipped with small restaurants and bars going all the way from Amadores Beach Club and then around to the left where you can walk towards Puerto Rico on a Spectacular Coastline

Playa del Inglés

This place is so big it takes a massive amount of walking to cover the distance for those who are looking for a challenge. We at IHI, have our office just minutes away from this famous desert in Maspalomas usually referred to as Paradise!

You could start all the way from Meloneras and walk on the beach that goes around the desert, all the way to Playa de las Burras, which will take you one hour and sixteen minutes (6.2 km). The shining sun with the endless sea views combined with great company makes this trip truly one of a kind.

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