Podcast – How to buy a property in Spain?

Welcome to Episode 2 of our podcast where we bring lots of relevant information for buyers, sellers and anyone interested in property! In this episode, we have a guest who works in a Spanish bank with mostly international customers. We asked him about all the questions we often get asked by our customers. Episode Overview: We move through how easy it is to get a loan, who gets a loan and how to...

The power of home styling

Home styling, also known as home staging or property styling, is the art of preparing a residence for sale with the aim of maximizing its appeal to potential buyers. The primary goal of home styling is to create an inviting, neutral, and aesthetically pleasing environment that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space. Here's a closer look at the key aspects of home...

Selling a property? This is how we create a property presentation.

We're selling your home - so the least we can do is create an extraordinary property presentation! On our Instagram, you can follow how we go from taking in a property until it's finished and ready to go on the market. We have 2 people who create content for larger screens and one person who creates content for social media. In addition, we often include our agents and extras in property videos to...

Behind the scenes & Production of our digital content

When it comes to selling a property, the key to success lies in creating an effective property listing that captures the attention of potential buyers and inspires them to take action. While the end result may appear seamless, there are many important steps that must be taken behind the scenes to create a listing that is both appealing and informative.  From showcasing the property's best features...

Our marketing strategy

4K VIDEO All our productions are presented in the highest quality and with professional video and audio equipment. All our videos involve the use of a drone and high-quality camera for recording in 4K. IHI - SHOWCASE: This is a video that presents the property and larger parts of the area through clips and music. IHI - PROPERTY TOUR: Through our real estate agents, we can present the property as...

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