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All our productions are presented in the highest quality and with professional video and audio equipment. All our videos involve the use of a drone and high-quality camera for recording in 4K.

IHI – SHOWCASE: This is a video that presents the property and larger parts of the area through clips and music.

IHI – PROPERTY TOUR: Through our real estate agents, we can present the property as a “live tour” through the eyes of an experienced agent. These have become very popular videos over the past year.

To get the best possible presentation of your property, we always film in the golden hour. We also have two different options, depending on how you want to present your property.


What sets us apart from other property companies is that we have our own in-house marketing department. Our expert team has extensive experience in marketing, content creation and social media.

We also have a 1 week guarantee from the time the property is reviewed until it is published on our platforms.

Morten Selnes
Works as CMO and has extensive experience in marketing and content creation.

Sara Gomes
Works as a Content Creator and is our star with social media and sound engineering.

Stefano Alberti
Photographer and Drone Pilot. He makes videos and photos that take your breath away.


VIDEO AND PHOTO: We take high-quality photos of the entire property. We also film both with a handheld camera and from the air with our drone. All in 4K. The filming is done both through a guided tour or regular showcase.

FLOORPLAN: To save you time – while we take photos and film your property, one of our employees takes measurements of the entire property. This generates a floorplan, both in 2D and 3D.

MARKETING: Within 1 week of us visiting your property, your property will be online. 6 different platforms, all our social channels, our window displays and on the big screen in our premises.

Check us out on YouTube here


We have 6 main portals that we advertise on:

  • Milanuncios (Global)
  • Idealista (Global)
  • Habitaclia (Spain)
  • Fotocasa (Spain)
  • FINN.no (Abroad)
  • Kyero (Abroad)

Our properties were viewed 3,800,000 million times in 2022

And our CRM system shows that we have responded to over 1,000 emails from people interested in our properties over the past year. The largest share of traffic came from Spain, Norway, United States, Sweden, Germany and Italy.


We place a strong importance for the use of social media and use targeted ads to reach specific audiences. With our broad reach, we have the potential to connect with hundreds of thousands of potential buyers through our advertisements.

Find us on Social Media: @ihispain

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Facebook


IHI WEBSITE – As part of our marketing strategy, we not only showcase your property on various online marketplaces but also create a personalised presentation on our website. Where we present your home with high-quality professional photos, video, floor plan, and more.

WINDOW DISPLAY – Every property we sell gets a prime spot in our window display, providing great exposure for those passing by. Our office, located on the first floor of the HL Suite Hotel, receives high foot traffic with several hundred people passing by every day. This advertising opportunity is included for all properties sold through International Home Investments.

PROPERTY BROCHURE – We provide printed brochures to all potential buyers who want to view the property. The brochures contain a presentation of the property with professional photos, a detailed description, and other relevant information. It’s a great way to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers and showcase the unique features of your property.

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