Morten Selnes

Chief Marketing Officer

Morten is responsible for all marketing, content, website and systems.

Morten started his career at TV2 as presenter of the interactive TV program Sonen. After completing a 1-year coaching education through GROW, he spent 7 years in, Norway’s largest marketplace. As a manager at FINN, he learned several working methods, including LEAN, which he uses daily in the Marketing department to work as efficiently as possible.

After several years of digital advertising, he got an opportunity as department manager in Schibsted to work with newspapers such as VG and Aftenposten. He has also studied Management, Logistics and Marketing, Labor Law and Economics at BI Norwegian Business School alongside work.

Morten has always had a desire to work abroad, so after the 10-year anniversary in the Schibsted group, he decided to move to Gran Canaria to work in the Real Estate industry.

“I have always had a huge interest in photography and as my mother says, we have the family albums and the albums with Morten. In my teens I became interested in video and I am self-taught in post-production. As Samuel Beckett says, Ever tried. Ever failed. No matters. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

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