Sara Gomes

Content Creator

Sara is an entrepreneur and a content creator with over 14 years of experience in creating audio, visual and written content. 

One of the two companies she built was a music production company where she worked as a music producer and audio engineer for over 12 years. She has collaborated with many artists, producers, beatmakers and Djs. After she mastered working with softwares like Logic Pro X and Adobe After Effects, she started to give online lessons as well. 

Along the way her passion about entrepreneurship grew, and so did her interests for visual content creation, marketing, SEO and web development.

Today, one of her biggest passions is creating different, outstanding and captivating audio & visual content with the goal to inspire, generate engagement, and grow a business.

With her open minded and versatile personality, she considers herself a Multi-passionate entrepreneur. 

“A day without being creative, is a day wasted”

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