Selling a property? Here are some tips that will give you the best price.

First impression:
The first impression is important. make sure that the home appears clean, bright and airy. Light some candles, have fresh flowers on the table and the entrance free of charge clothing and shoes. Clean up and throw away as much as you can before the viewing. 

Finish projects which is not completed
Now is the time to fix any unfinished projects, such as holes in walls, missing molding, faucet that drips, loose wires, half done paint job etc. Go through the home and straight up errors and omissions. This applies both outside and inside. Sometimes people look in cupboards and drawers, so take a round and tidy up.

Freshly washed windows 
All windows must be freshly washed and the curtains clean. If the window frames are a little worn, you give them a coat of paint. Replace any heavy and dark curtains with something bright and light. Curtains don’t have to be expensive, but light curtains open up the room more.

A coat of paint can pay off
It is not certain that potential buyers are as fond of bright colors as you. It may be worth splurging on a few liters of bright paint, if you have had a fondness for bright red and fresh apple green. Today they will most prefer to have bright, quiet rooms.

Clean and tidy kitchen
The kitchen counters must be clean and tidy. Remove all decorations that are not essential to display. Scrub the sink so it shines. Clean up and wash in the cupboard under the sink. Remove all fingerprints from cabinet doors and fridge and make sure the cooker is sparkling clean. Fresh greenery or roses can help create the perfect atmosphere.

A tempting and clean bathroom
In the bathroom, all surfaces must be washed thoroughly. Invest in a new shower curtain and some new towels in matching colors. Remote makeup, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs etc. Throw away the old laundry can, the wastebasket and the bath mat.

Home styling
Many choose to use a residential stylist. This is a professional person who works with seeing solutions that make your home appear as attractive as possible. In our sales package SAND GOLD we offer this. We take care of home styling and cleaning before photography, so your job is to keep things tidy for the viewing.

Personal photos
Some have walls full of family photos, children’s drawings etc. Take a critical overview and remove anything that gets too personal. One The buyer is looking for a home for himself and his family and is not necessarily so very interested in yours.

Entrance part
The entrance area should look pleasant and inviting. If you live in a block, you can get a new door mat and a jar of some beautiful flowers to create a pleasant atmosphere. A garden must be neat and orderly, and the garden tools in place in the shed.

Don’t count on potential buyers to be as excited as you are about the house pets, regardless of size. The dog bed and cat litter must go, and the house vacuumed thoroughly before viewing.

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