Sherezade Ruano

Chief Executive Officer

Sherezade Ruano is an Entrepreneur who landed in her hometown, Gran Canaria, after more than a decade in London, leading her own company in the Healthcare setting. Further specialising as an Executive C-Suite therapist and Leadership Coach, understanding the human character is one of her primary strengths in business and life. In 2019, she founded a Healthtech startup, in which, as the CEO, she endured and grew essential skills necessary to understand customers and their unique needs.

Her experience in real estate is attached to her interest in modern art and real estate investment. A passion influenced by her network of international investors in both areas.

Sherezade likes to keep a low profile professionally while doing big things.
She steps into IHI, ensuring the company grows internationally with integrity, professionalism and prioritising the wellbeing of our exceptional team.


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