Transport In Gran Canaria 

Gran Canaria has many places that are worth experiencing and it can be frustrating not knowing how transport works here. With everything here being both short and long distance we would like to share with you a few ways you can get around here without purchasing a car.

This one goes on the list as the easiest way to get from point a to b. These taxis can be found in every corner in every city, where you can walk to the nearest station or you can use the phone number and call. There is also an app you can download.

  • Phone number: +34 928 154 777
  • App store: PideTaxi

There are very simple ways of getting around using the “Transporte de Gran Canaria” TGC. They have available buses that arrive at all your desired locations.

Motorcycle and Scooter
With Pic y Poc you can receive bikes that are up to date with great service, they operate here in the Canary islands and would love to help you out on your journey towards road happiness. Simply go to their website and fill in your information or call them to see yourself soon to explore the islands on two wheels.

  • Phone Number: (+34) 618 61 24 88 – (+34) 616 29 60 53
  • Webside:

Rent a Car
There are many lenders of vehicles here on the Island and they all compete for your attention. Cicar has 4.4 stars with 800 people giving reviews. Therefore we would like to see you getting in contact with them and having your car perfectly in order.

  • Phone Number:
  • Webside: Cicar

Rent Luxury Cars
If you are interested in having a faster or more comforting way of travel around the island, then Rent Luxe Car has anything you want. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley The list goes on. With service in the upper class you receive the vehicle anywhere at any time, day or night.

Note that we at IHI Spain have not necessarily tested all the companies mentioned in the examples.

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